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What cache size have you found the most of?


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I click on any profile of a 500+ find account, probably 95% of them fall into the "micro by a landslide" category. :unsure:


That makes sense. In our urban area, there are 4500+ caches to be found. FOUR are sized 'large' and if you grabbed every regular available you'd still be 100 short of 500.


Also, if you live in an urban area and you like interesting/challenging hides...those are predominately 'micros'. In our area, the smalls are probably the least interesting and least challenging of the size types. IMO.


Yeah, I agree it makes sense. I did choose 300 visit cache in Niagara Falls, NY though, that had most of the locals, and plenty o' vacationeers. Not scientific by any means, and not indicative of the majority of cachers everywhere falling into the "micro by a landslide" category. ;)

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