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Geocaching allowed in NSW National Parks

The Spindoctors

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NSW Parks and Wildlife Service has released its new Geocaching Policy (2010), lifting the ban that has been in place since 2002.


Information regarding the new policy can be found on the NPWS website (http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/policies/GeocachingPolicy.htm) and at Geocaching NSW (http://geocachingnsw.asn.au/index.php/geocaching/natparks).


The new policy comes two years (and one day) after Geocaching NSW began formal discussions with NPWS. It is modelled on the Parks Canada policy, but has also taken on board input from Geocaching NSW members and the broader geocaching community.


The association understands that there will be some in the community who will find the policy too restrictive, however, please remember we are coming from a total ban on the activity. We also anticipate that there may be some 'teething troubles' in the next few months as geocachers, reviewers and NPWS staff come to grips with the new policy. We hope that should they occur, they are resolved quickly.


The association believes that over the next few years NPWS will see the benefits of geocaching in National Parks and embrace it even more in the future. We also hope our 'cousins' in Queensland will have similar success in reversing their ban in the near future.

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