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How frustrating... When will my bug start moving again! How to handle this?

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Seems that the biggest problem is the difficulty in logging them and the lack of coherent instructions.



I'm not so sure this is always the case. I attached a set of very detailed instructions to my bug prior to release. It still didn't help. I'm guessing we just have a group of inconsiderate cachers out there who don't understand or care about playing properly.

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My Raid bug was taken from Cotton Pickin' Cache about 2 weeks ago, but I can't even e-mail the guy because his geo-id seems to be bogus. He left a scribbled note that was very hard to read, and said he was going to take it to N.M. His handle looks like Geallie Man, but I can't find anything like it when I try to e-mail him. It would be nice if we could run a search that would give us an alphabetical listing of all geocachers.



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