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Sterling Forest

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Sterling Forest ok to caching. A couple of discussions revealed that Geocaching is in fact permitted in Sterling Forest. Park Manager Mr Hutchinson, in fact welcomes the interest. He has participated in caching and has his own account. See the exchange in the Sunrise Stepoff Thread.


Sterling Forest is less than 35 miles from Times Square and is a wonderfully scenic and historic area. That it has remained virtually cache free area for so long has only served to heighten interest.


Perhaps someone would like to lead some exploratory hikes to see what areas would be appropriate for hiding and then consult with Park Management for their input, so we can get this off the ground.


I hiked there last Sunday and have to say, I would wait until the snow pack is less, or go only with snowshoes.. But maybe someone would put together a March event --group hike to start the ball rolling. I can not do it as I am involved in trying to move my daughter to another area to her new job.Permit link follows as does copy of communication from park manager.




I am ever hopeful that NJ Hiders will consider Sterling Forest as a hiding destination,and thereby continue the cultural domination of NY established by Jersey Boys, Jerseylicious , Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of NJ. :lol:

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Thanks for your call today. Your information is not true. Geocachers are welcome here at Sterling and at Schunnemunk.

I manage both Parks. All must have permits. They’re free. They’re good for a couple of years and must be renewed. They’re obtained through my office and only take a few days to obtain, once approved.

I have the requisite mapping program and history on the land to identify and confirm if location of cache is suitable.

I enjoy caching myself, and was hoping to interest others to use the Park.


Attached is an application you may print (two sided legal), complete info required and mail in to us at the address below. This form is good for any Park in NYS but should be mailed to the Park Manager of the individual Park.

I suggest you walk the area first, find what you believe to be a rewarding hike, a hide site and grab your proposed coordinates. Allow some time to approve the location, make any changes if necessary and issue permit.


I look forward to hearing from you and others……


Jeff Hutchinson

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My experiences with Sterling Forest:


The Haunted Boy Scout Camp -- many people had issues with Park Police confrontations regarding hiking off trail/bushwacking. This is also mentioned in other, now archived, caches. I am hopeful that this has been remedied.


My experiences with Schunemunk:


(Please note that Schunemunk is, by far, one of my favorite places to hike. It resides less than one mile from my residence, and I am frequently on this mountain as part of my duties to the CFD -- fires and rescues. I mention this only because Schunemunk has been an issue in the past.)


Long Path meets Jessup Trail -- I was given less than three weeks to make this trip for retrieval. I, unfortunately, didn't get up there due to vacations and other issues. When I did, the cache was gone. Ironically, my other one, Schunemunk's High Knob was not (as it was a much furthe walk, I am sure).



To hear that Sterling Forest is, in fact, allowing caching is surprising. Schunemunk has quite a few caches (both with permission of NY State as well as on private property).

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My comment in response: Sterling Forest does have a published policy regarding off trail hiking. Bushwhacking is not permitted as near as I can tell. Every park has its rules, agree with them or not, they exist. Including the No Swimming in Terrace Pond rule--commonly ignored at the peril of the one ignoring it.


Schunnemunk is under the management of Sterling Forest, as is area west of Thruway where there are existing caches, with permits. The real issue is un permitted caches on lands under their management. Simply they want all caches permitted.


This is a new day, a new approach and what has happened in the past can not taint our approach to this exciting new opportunity. Let's all work to make this work.


As to dibs on the Fire Tower to Briansnat, I think we can all agree that he gets it---of course it will be a virtual--cause we all know he favors the genre. ;)

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Actually, I think it was not such a "tough nut to crack" so much as it was my failure to follow up. A year or so ago, accbd and I hiked up into the Fire Tower and we stopped at Visitors Center and asked about caching. Both of us contacted SF the other day and just got through to the right person, who is the Park Manager. He is a cacher himself and has a number of finds, he was very welcoming and cordial and pleasant--friendly and helpful.


He is looking for quality hides in accordance with the guidelines and the NY State Permitting process. No one could have a problem with that.


It was pure coincidence that Richard called on the same day I faxed the letter and that now gives us an opening to a great area.


Sometimes all you have to do is ask. I see all kinds of potential for group hikes up there, the fire tower, Lake to Lake, Sterling Ridge.

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