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Little worried


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Now that we can subscribe to Geocaching.com most seem to think it is a good idea. Well i can see one major problem with the system. If a member goes to a non member cache and picks up another non members TB, and then goes off and places it in a 'members' cache (which cannot be seen by non members does this meant that the TB will become MIA? Or will this cache become available to all members???? icon_confused.gif

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I think that the common curtesy should be that if a TB was retrieved from a non-MOcache, then it should be placed in another that is not. If it's found in a MOcache, I'd look to see if the owner has a preference that it stays only in MOcaches, or whether it's ok to place it in ANY cache.


I'm sure many people will just place them wherever it's convenient, though, and not pay attention one way or ther other.

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Well, the TB wouldn't become MIA. The TBs do have their own tracking page. But, it would be true that only a supporter of the site would be able to retrieve that bug if it was placed in a mocache since only supporters can see the details of the mocaches.

On the other hand though, placing bugs in mocaches could be a good thing since a supporter of the site most likely wouldn't be a newbie. They would have some experience under their belt and would know to move the TB along on their journey and not keep them.

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