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Allowing Smileys for each Stage of a Multi cache?

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An hour? Just get 500 or so film cans, pre-sign all the logs, then swap all the film cans in the big container with the ones you've with you. It should only take a minute to "find 500 caches" but it'll probably take longer to cut-n-paste the online logs. :drama:

But if you do that right after I've done that then the proof of my signing all the logs is gone :blink:

Logging is quick now that they can be empty. Don't need to paste anything :laughing:

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You know, I was thinking about this topic, and I realized that multicaches with a smiley per stage might be a way to deal with the power-trail problem. There are several advantages:


  • Multi stages don't have to be 528 feet apart, so you could get thousands of smileys per mile.
  • The multicache owner could explicitly allow moving containers from one stage to another, obviating the whole debate about that practice.
  • The entire power trail would show up as one cache, eliminating the PQ pollution problem.

Maybe it's worth considering.


(Sorry if this is off-topic. If anybody else likes the idea, maybe we should start a new thread.)

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