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Colorado (WebUpdater) software version 3.60

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Changes made from version 3.50 to 3.60:


* Added support for chirp™ detection. This software update will allow Colorado units to detect previously-programmed chirp™ units. See http://www.garmin.com/chirp for details on which units are chirp™ compatible. NOTE: Due to the hardware present in Colorado devices, chirp™ detection range may be less than that of other compatible devices.

* Updated magnetic Earth field data.

* Fixed issue with certain JPEGs not drawing from Custom Maps.

* Fixed issue with Oblique Mercator User Grid distances.

* Fixed line color when navigating a track off-road.

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What is Garmin thinking? While it is nice to be able to detect the chirps they are still trying to make people buy new units in order to program the chirps. I guess they don really want to sell them. I would have purchased one right away and several more in the near future if they ad done this right. Another missed opportunity. I for one will not buy another Garmin until they make this right.

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