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11-11-11 Suncatcher


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The next lot of coins arrived today.

Will spend the afternoon checking them and will take some photos of a few of the new versions - then start sending out some more invoices.




If possible can people add their info here to make it a little easier to send invoices out. Otherwise if you were on the reservation list and haven't used the google docs list, I can contact you through your profiles.

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So, what versions are we talking about here?

Do I spot the 'naked' coin in the lower left corner of that picture?


Over 100 of them are the same versions as before.


There are also quite a few 'naked' versions - mostly bronze (a few with epoxy) and then a couple in silver and copper.

I'll put some of the bronze ones up on my online store in the next day or so, but the copper and silver ones will be sold on ebay as there will only be 3 of each for sale (at least for now).


There are also 3 AE versions that I've been keeping secret (but there are a few sneak peeks on them on my facebook page) - some might be sent as gifts or left in caches, and others will be sold on ebay. I'll keep those secret a bit longer, but at least one of the versions should be put on ebay this weekend.

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For the silver and copper since there are only 3 available of each I thought ebay was the fairest way to sell them - and the first ones will be listed this weekend.


I think I've now contacted everyone who I had on the reservation list - if I didn't send anyone a message who had reserved some, send me a message or there are some available in the online store.


I've already sent some of the coins that have been paid for, and the next ones will be sent in the next day or so.

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The rest of the coins that have been paid for so far were sent out today.


Still waiting to hear back from a few people about the sets, but right now there are still plenty of the naked bronze coins (and some with epoxy), but just 2 each of the silver/copper.

If I do another remint I'll order some extra of the 3 naked versions, but I want to get the Mehndi Mandala's made soon, so not planning on doing more just yet.

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Since a few more people have sent messages about wanting the copper and silver versions, I think I may re-order some more soon (before the Mandala coin) - maybe have the same number of each as the bronze version.


For now though there are just 2 silver/copper left and the next ones are just up on ebay.




The first Artist Edition is also up and ending in a few days.



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Hi CW88, I added my order to the google doc and sent an email....did you get it because I didn't get an invoice.

Sorry was travelling and didn't have internet - Just sent message and invoice.



I have added a few more coins to my webstore, and listed one of each version on ebay (including each AE version and the last copper and silver coins).

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