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Why Do You Geocache?


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Sometimes, it's an excuse for a trip, whether that trip is a detour of a few miles on my bike ride to/from work, a hike of several miles through the woods, or a drive to somewhere off the beaten path.


Sometimes, it's about interesting places, whether those places are historic, scenic, or artistic. (I especially enjoy caches that draw attention to public art.)


Sometimes, it's about the challenge, whether the challenge is solving a puzzle, finding a well-camouflaged cache, or retrieving a cleverly placed container. (I especially enjoy on-site puzzles and caches with 4-star camouflage.)


And sometimes it's about companionship, although I don't make it to events, unevents, and group hikes very often...

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I started geocaching as a way to get excercise but it's become more than that. I like the hikes in the woods and being taken to places I would never have known about except for geocaching. I love the thrill of finding the cache and adding my name to the log. I also like the social aspect. Going to events helps me be more outgoing and I enjoy discussing with others how they cache or solve puzzles or what geo-challenges they're working on.

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I like the sense of adventure and exploration.

There is a unique feeling of gratification when any cache is found, almost like belonging to a secret society filled with individuals I've never met, but might someday which will be another sense of accomplishment.


Prowling around through some new forests being stealthy.... It's like I'm 17 again! - WITHOUT being chased by the police!

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Seeing new places in my own "backyard" or city.

Going to places I have never been further afield...because some kind folks put caches there.

Justifying a trip to the mainland with "there are caches we could do there."

Getting fresh air and exercise.

Using my brain.

Using my sleuthing skills. (or lack thereof)

Seeing the world around me and wondering - is there a cache there?

Wondering if all the geocachers in the world stood hand in hand, would we encircle the earth?

Checking vehicles for travel bugs - and finding them...even at work after a 9+ hour day. (Gotta love finding fellow geocachers in the waiting room!)


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