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Garmin 60CSX or Garmin GPSMAP 62st

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We just recently bought a Garmin 60CSX and we own a Delorme PN-40, which we are likely to get rid of. We currently geocache with our Apple Iphones and love it, and just started using the 60CSX for the better accuracy. So my question is, should we invest in the 62st if we now have the 60CSX and use the Iphone app? Thanks for all your feedback. We appreciate it and look forward to any and all responses. Have a blessed day/night.

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In your situation there seems to be no need to get a 62. Unless you find any of the following compelling enough of a reason.


Birdseye Aerial Imagery?


Barometric Pressure Recording even while turned off?


Alarm Clock Function?


Faster Processing of Map Data?


Easier handling of data files in the GPX format?


Tri-Axle Compass (much improved over the 60's compass)

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I have the GPSMAP62ST and love it great unit i also use the Iphone


I like my 62st so much i've ditched my Edge705 mtb gps and use the 62st for rides


the 62 is used for MTB,Climbing,Hillwalking and GeoCaching


Cracking unit that you wouldn't regret buying, i've had no issues and used it in some pretty crappy conditions

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I've used the 60CSx for years and this past Christmas my wife bought me a 62s. There was a bit of a learning curve because, while the machine looks like a 60 series, its software is more like an Oregon. However now that I have the basics figured out I can share an opinion. First, it certainly is an upgrade to the 60 series, which is saying a lot since the 60 series is a great GPS and probably still the best value in a GPS period! Having said that, if you have the dollars to spend, or are lucky enough to receive one as a gift, the 62 is a pretty sweet machine.


It is more sensitive. I've turned it on in my basement (with very small windows) and in a few moments it had an accurate fix on my location.


It is built for geocaching. You get all the information you want from the published geocache and you can still use GSAK to customize it or improve it. I used to search for the data on my Ipod Touch but that isn't necessary anymore.


It allows you to enter field notes. The method of entry isn't great but you can at least put a couple of words down to help you remember the cache when you log it if you found a number of them that day. When you upload the field notes, even if you didn't enter an actual note, it puts a link on the geocaching site so you just click and log your find. That sure beats entering the GC number for each cache. If you did make a note or two, that note will be there too. I find that a couple of words such as "big ammo can" or "hanging off tree", will bring back my memory of the cache so I can write a proper log on the find. I don't believe it's enough to say "TNLN" except for the occasional micro.


With the profiles you can make it work like a standard automobile GPS or customize the view for other purposes such as boating or whatever.


I haven't tried the map function but it looks like you can take a trail guide from a web site (or scan a paper one) and use Garmin's web site to turn it into an actual map to load up. You can use aerial images of a big university or trail maps of a large park and the 62 will show where you are on that map. That is a unique new feature that I'll explore more in the summer.


There are other features that don't mean too much to me at this time but perhaps they will later. Features like the ability to read data from Garmin's chirp or the ability to share data wireless with another Garmin unit with the wireless function. There were times in the past that such an ability would have been handy.


They packed a lot into the 62 but the 60CSx is still a great value and a fine GPS. Is it worth the upgrade? Only you can decide that.

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It would be worth the upgrade to me simply for the convenience of only carrying/using a single device while on the hunt.


It's really great having all the information about the cache, and logging capability in the palm of ONE hand with my 62s!

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*Short answer:

Try a 62s and see if you like it; heck you might even wind up parting with your 60CSx.


*Long answer:

I was about to go this very route -- using the iPhone to keep the detailed cache information handy, and getting a 60CSx to guide me to the cache. But the more I thought about it, the more I did not like the idea of losing or damaging a perfectly good iPhone while looking for some 35mm film canister with a damp logbook on the side of a creek bed infested with poison oak.


Unfortunately the 60CSx was sold out in store, so I wound up with a 62s instead. Having had a 60Cx (no compass or altimeter) in the past, they are definitely a great model series. The 62s adds things such as paperless caching, tri-axial compass, chirp support, etc. Garmin appears to still be tweaking the firmware, though.


Having had the Oregon 450 as well, I have to say it was easier to enter text and had a better resolution (not brighter) screen versus the 60-series or 62-series. Still, the ruggedness of the 62s and longer battery life makes up for it, IMHO. If the only thing you plan on doing is caching, you might prefer the Oregon 450. But if you think you might use it for other activities, you might go for the 62s.

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