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Any way to log a bug if I dropped it off w/o noting the serial number?

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I picked up a TB yesterday and dropped it off at another cache in the same park (there was a reason for this). However, it's been a while since I picked up a TB and I neglected to take down the serial number so I am unable to log it. I emailed the owner who isn't sure what the number is either. Any way to log it without going all the way back just to get the serial number? Thanks!

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Originally posted by Gory:

is it possible to get this info by searching for the bug by name?

assuming you know its name


just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you


Generally not, unless the owner was unwise enough to take a photo of the bug that left the tag number visible. The problem with making tag numbers public knowledge is that then anybody can write a fake log and pretend they have the bug, which makes a mess of things. To prevent that, the only way to get a bug's tag number is to actually have the bug.


I don't know if it might be possible for the bug's owner to recover the tag number somehow by contacting Groundspeak or not. Obviously, the information is stored somewhere, so that the tag number can be accepted as a sort of password when logging the bug. Is that information accessible to anyone working for geocaching.com? I don't know.

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