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getting my geocoin into circulation


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In fact, all it really needs to travel is the Tracking Code and that is on the geocoin itself. The TB number is used to publicly refer to the coin, so, for example, you could put the TB number in a forum post and people could then search their way to the geocoins page, but they'd not be able to discover or grab it without the actual Tracking Code. :)


But is you are doing a travelling note to go with the geocoin, then you could use the TB reference on that.


And as TeamEssc21 said, hold onto the Activation Code as it is only ever used by the coin owner to activate the coin. Once the coin has been activated, I'm not even sure if the Activation Code is of any use any more. (I could be wrong)

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Please print out the "mission" page from your geocoin's page to include with your coin. I always place my coin in a ziplock bag (snack size) along with the mission and the coin in it's flip. Lately, I have been handwriting a note to place inside the flip. The note states that the coin is owned and is meant to travel. I also write the tracking code on the note and tell finders to log their find. This may seem like I'm being obsessive compulsive, but coins go missing quickly and I'm trying to do as much as I can to ensure safe travels for my investment.

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