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Mystery Multi Day Hike


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I wasn't sure where else to post about this so feel free to move it as needed.


I'm new to geocaching and I love a good puzzle! I'm developing a new mystery/multi riddle hike and was wondering if anyone else has done/experienced something like this.


It's probably going to be a couple of hours worth of entertainment hiking around a beautiful gulch in Mendocino, CA.


When I go to post the cache for people to find, do I need to put in coordinates for ALL of my waypoints? Or can I just do the first one and see how many people are able to figure out the whole run?


Any tips?



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Here's a local puzzle multi-cache that has a lot of favorites votes:

Unknown CacheANX: The Angle of Eternity


The posted coordinates are bogus. Once you figure out the correct starting location, you find an on-site puzzle that gives you the coordinates for stage 2. At stage 2, you find an on-site puzzle that gives you coordinates for stage 3. And so on. A similar model might work for yours.

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