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Cointest: Spirit of the coiners


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Your daughter is very cute. Will she turn to the world

of geocaching and coins also?


Well, I think one of the first things she started to speak is "coin" though it sound more like "goi" :lol: . Then she alway points to my box of traders because she loves to take them all out and then back again and then out again and so on. She can do that for hours and I can watch her for hours...

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Wow.. I am sorry I missed this contest. Still searching for my first coin with my kids... we did find a travel bug that was really exciting. I am amazed how many coins are out there but not in my area. I live in rural area with lots of caches but no coins. I want to start a cache but want to put nice things in it. I did order some travel bugs and will eventually find a coin. Lots of great stories... My girls loved reading them too!! Thank you for sharing the "spirit" of cacheing with us!!!.

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