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No they do not "require" it. However, it contains your basemap (which will make zooming out far slow. It also has the DEM (digitial elevation model) which some features (shaded relif, adding elevation to tracks, and routes, spot elevations) require.

Confirmed, the maps i loaded from gpsfiledepot are quite limited without support from this receivers base mapping program.


I called Garmin, apparently they have an online patch to restore critical files and those would be .img files, but they don't have a patch for the Oregon400t


So i'll send it back, and for the price of one way shipping - insurance - to Olathe KS. They will be sending back to me a new unit!


Yes he said it would be new, whether it's refurbished new or never been owned new, it should take about 1 week from the time i send it off.


That's pretty good customer service

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Now would be a good time to back up everything on the GPS to your PC, plus saving it all to a DVD incase PC has a melt down one day. This is the first thing I always suggest to my friends to do with the purchase of a new GPS. Glad it all worked out well for you at a minimal cost.

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