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Easting/Northing conversion

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I've recently returned from a summer in the NWT. I Spent some time just south of Great Bear Lake. I have GPS coordinates of a location I visited, but they are in Easting/ Northing, and I'd like them in degrees. I've tried to convert them with no luck.


Can anyone help me!? they are: 409,813.097 7,248,228.323 Meters


Thanks :)

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the easiest way that I have found to do this, is to use my GPS receiver


1. put the receiver in UTM mode

2. enter the easting/northing numbers

3. put the receiver in DDD MM.MMM mode

4. read off the result


it is a fairly complicated conversion, and not something that most people are likely to be able to do with a pencil and paper


there are also websites that will do the conversion (both ways)

but the method above is good practice for when you are in the field, working on a multi/puzzle/etc, and do not have access to the internet


if you just want to go to the coordinates, there is no need to convert them

just put your receiver in UTM mode, and enter the northing/easting numbers, and off you go

(don't forget to put your receiver back into DDD MM.MMM mode before you head out to another geocache)

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Using the GPS is a good way to do it... of course the same method works just switch to UTM input the coordinates and follow them to the site with a GOTO... the GPS doesn't care what it follows...


You can get a nice converter called FizzyCalc... written by cacher Fizzymagic just google it. I believe it is fizzymagic.com

You can also just use Google Earth as a converter as well... set the coord options to UTM, enter the coordinates on the search line.

Then go there... set the coordinates back to whatever.. d.d m.mm or dms and it will show you the desired set. may not match the ground though... it can vary to register of the pics.


One thing to watch out for though... NOT that software... but IF you involve a map, don't forget to match up Datum settings.

Many topo maps are still in NAD 27 datum and Geocaching uses WGS84 datum... you want to make sure you use what it was taken in...

or the appropriate shift if it was given you. Where I am the North South shift is about 200 metres and 10 East West between 27 and 84. That can throw you off...


Good luck


Doug 7rxc

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Super. Thank you Both,

I tried both methods and they worked great. Much better than getting out the calculator!




I'm clear that the location mentioned was NOT anything other than a location... For Geocaches, when you look at the Cache Page, you will notice that at the coordinate listings you get both DD MM.mmm and UTM... but to the right side is Other Conversions...

that can give you several variants for the listed coords... including the NAD 27 / WGS 84 shifts... I forget whether you can enter other coordinates for the same conversions to be shown... I seem to remember that it worked for that.. but you would have to check...

So should I. But I keep FizzyCalc on my desktop...


Doug 7rxc

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