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Smallest and Largest

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What are the smallest and largest caches you've found?


My smallest was a piece of 1/2" copper tubing, about 1" long. Held a log, that's it. Was in a hollowed out hole in a concrete post - only thing showing was an eye hook on the cap of the tubing.


Largest was a piece of 4" PVC, about 10 feet long, very well hidden but almost in plain sight (I'll let you know where if you PM me).

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I've found a few nano-caches smaller than a blinker. Of those, the smallest commercially available container was a small pet ID tube, just big enough for a slip of paper with your contact info (or a tiny log sheet):



The largest cache I've found was a plastic footlocker. Unfortunately, it wasn't weatherproof, and the dampness and mildew had ruined most of the trade items.

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