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Caches with some history


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Sorry, was working off an I Pad and in case some people didn't know there are things you can't do on an I pad, like save links. And on top of it I was really upset by the proposal to fine un licensed bicycles 100 dollars. Yup.




I would recommend that those persons with an upside down hide to find ratio might consider hiding at the areas of archived caches, thus providing a service to the game and avoid the geo perjorative term of Lump. As used in context. " That cacher is a real Lump"


There were some good spots on that list, especially the one at Ft Lee, what a great cache location that one was.

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13 Star Flag is pretty good, but my visit pre-dated Middlebrook Encampment by a few years. Hey, how about one of the oldest caches in N.J., Let there be light by King Groovy Even though I DNF'd da' sucker. :lol: There's also a nearby virtual, but that doesn't give any historical information on purpose, with the intent on surprising you, I suppose.

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