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Ammo Cans in FL


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I have been searching for places to buy ammo cans around FL. Now I now that the majority of people are going to say Ebay, Military Surplus stores and such. But I am looking for SPECIFIC stores and known pricing. Whether you have purchased from them or gone to shop and price them.


Please list store name and address (if you have) as well as pricing/size. Thanks


M & C Army Surplus Store - 626 Northwest 13th Street, Gainesville, FL 32601 = 30 cal $18 and 50 cal $22 (they think they are gold) :lol:

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Not sure where you live. My friend found us some small Ammo Cans @ $3.00 a piece and said the guy had bigger ammo cans for around $6.00 a piece. This was at the Ramona Flea Market in Jacksonville, FL. I hope to get out there in the next month or so and hopefully he will have a business card. Also, she mentioned these cans did have to be washed at home before placing them for a hide...Works for me, I mean we are putting them in the middle of the woods :)

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