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Who is going with ?

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The following only applies to cachers that wants to …


1. Find a cache at 2063 meter,

2. Climb Amajuba and see where it happened,

3. See where the British General has fallen,

4. See where the First Burgher war was ended,

5. Do it with other cachers with huff and a puff,

6. Find another great tonteldoos cache in the presence of the owner,

7. Find one of my own caches on Amajuba (I have the bragging rights)

8. Wants to attend an event arranged by Wazat,

9. Find a new cache as a joint FTF,

10. Find his home base.

11. Meet with the expats Batsgonemad and his Squirrel,

12. Have a barbeque,

13. Meet with new cachers,

14. Find a couple of Newcastle caches,

15. Find some of the older caches,

16. Find the cache where Wazat had his first cache find; then you are definitely on the right page.


My family is not going with this time; so I will go alone and I will meet with my good friends at Amajuba. So I have 3 open spaces in my vehicle. Feel free to e-mail me and the first 3 is the 3 that go with.


Please do not publish your name on the forum if you want to go with – I have to reserve some dignity. If all Gauteng cachers are “yellow” then at least no one will know except me. :rolleyes:


I should have a response now, good or bad. The challenge is on the table. Take enough water with, maybe we are lucky and it will be raining like crazy, just keep your mouth open all the time. Watch for the goggas while you have it open. Gerhard

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Wazat, sorry I forgot to mention the most important ones.


As an award for your great milestones you will be allowed to braai all the meat and to serve the drinks and to wash and polish all the cars. I am sure we will meet mud somewhere if Wazat is leading the way. :lol:


Am I stepping on sensitive toes??? I would like to know about the story behind the story. What about the event where a serious attempt was made to ban a certain cacher with force? Or should sleeping dogs be left alone? Gerhard

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Am I stepping on sensitive toes??? I would like to know about the story behind the story. What about the event where a serious attempt was made to ban a certain cacher with force? Or should sleeping dogs be left alone? Gerhard


sleeping dogs should be kicked wide awake!


lets have the full story - right here in the forums or links to the story as previously told



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Give a dog a bone and he might chew off your whole arm... LoL


Gerhard how do you know me... mud will be provided... I am actually planning on starting an exclusive business in GP. Spray on mud.... Leave your Sandton 4x4 with me and within hours i will personally apply an authentic coating of mud.... it looks like mud, smells like mud, feels like mud, even tastes like mud.... amaze your friends.... be the talk of Sandton....

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Trev, this is one of those stories that are hidden deep in the closet with all of the other skeletons. This issue is only whispered at an event and never mentioned again. Nope it does not involve me. I only like to hear the controversial issues.


I am looking forward to this event, I think it is going to be interesting one. Wazat, the new cachers in Newcastle did not log anything so maybe you need to publish your plan on the listing as a separate note for them. I do not think they understand how to do this event and that Amajuba is not compulsory but a bonus for the event. By the way we will meet at Amajuba, it is too tough to go to Newcastle and then back to Amajuba. One GP cacher will join me. May be this time around we will be able to find my cache quicker than I did the first time. Please tie Bakgat down somewhere. I know he is seriously watching the FTF’s and I need to get to 160 first to finds. Bakgat hands behind the back, look do not touch… :)


Wazat you are not on standby……. :P


Until Saturday.

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Haa haa... Bakgat was itching for the FTF on Sunday already... I am sure it is not good for him to tackle it alone and I recomended he wait till Saturday and you can all do it as a group effort. It will also be his 500th... You are on a nice sized number too and I hope can milestone on it too. If Bats has not done too much he may also be hitting a milestone so what better way than to do a whole lot on one cache.


Nope the Standby was done two weeks back. This time I get up there and I get all the way up with everyone involved... See you at Majuba for 8am...


I see they are a bit slow, but i think it will pick up soon... give it a day or two....


See you then.

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Wazat, my GP friend also bailed out. They probably looked at the weather and called it quits. They say if the going gets tough then the tough gets going. So it is me and me and then me that are attending.


I will leave at about 04h30 tomorrow morning. I just have this feeling that it is going to be a wet one. Rain forecast is 80% so it should be nice to climb Amajuba. It is a little bit late to arrange with Madsons anything so I should find them on the road if they attend. But on the bright side – there will be a lot of mud and water and a couple of sidewinders so the more rain the more the Terrano will enjoy it. Where is Bakgat – is he staying with you or is he sleeping at the FTF? Gerhard


Footnote: Madsons we need to meet at Amajuba Mountain at 08h00. Use the Amajuba Mountain cache waypoint to get there. Drop me a private e-mail and I will forward you my cell number for anything that goes wrong.

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