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caching in Orlando, FL


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I am in Fern Park and new at geocaching. I purchased a magellan explorist GC and am having difficulty using it. Would you be able to help me get started or is there anyone else in the Orlando area that can help? Looking forward to finding my first treasure.


Thanks in advance,


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All right, an Orlando area geocacher thread! There's a large number of cachers in CFLAG (most of their discussion seems to be on Facebook) - there's monthly get-togethers from what I've been able to glean. Only been geocaching a month and a half myself, finding everything from LPC hide-a-keys to ammo cans and nanos to other more creative cache containers (the MOTHER NATURE cache in Gotha is a riot and a half).


Easiest place (for me anyway) to find TBs and GCs on a regular basis is the lone physical cache at Walt Disney World (Protecting the Magic) - it's rare that a TB isn't traded within two days of the drop (usually same day, sometimes within minutes).


The geocaching community here is pretty awesome :D

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We're in Titusville, and active members of SCGA. Miss Short Stuff just got an Explorist GC and she's getting pretty savvy with it. Also, there is another couple by the name of Naviguessers that use an Explorist GC and are very familiar with it.


Our favorite cache in Orlando is "Dr. Protractors Second Prototype" near UCF. Unfortunately it was recently adopted and we're not sure how well it is and will be taken care of in the future. The stages are pretty close together so even if a stage is missing something, you should find the next stage with a little wandering. At any rate, it's well worth it. Here's the cache page

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Snakes, spiders, bees, wasps, mosquitoes, ants, and gators, to name a few.


Hehe. Aside from the gators we have those happy creatures in Europe, too. But none of them lethal. The question was more along the line of: if you see a snake with that pattern, cache somewhere else. Link to any information would be fine...




Thanx, Carsten

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Here's a list of venomous snakes in Florida.


Thanks for the link. And trust me, I not out to touch any of those animals. No Snakes, no turtles... close to none. Cats may be an exception, but they can be furious, too. :unsure: Anyway, I had a run in with some wee little ants today, must have stepped onto their highway. Really, really small, but much more nasty then any European breed. Ouchies.

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