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Cache on the "ignore list"


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Hi everybody !


First of all, in case you go check my profil, you have to know that I had to create a new account just for the forum, because my real account (Rïon) doesn't work here because of the "ï" in my name... It should be fixed soon, but 'til then, the people from GS told me to use another account.




A few months ago, my brother and I created 4 caches in my city. We hid them together, but 2 belong to him, and the other 2 belong to me. We wrote "Rïon and C00ly" for the owner on each cache. His cache have been in my watchlist ever since, because they're partly mine, and because if there is any problem, I'll be the one fixing it, since my brother doesn't live with us anymore.


The thing is, I can't log those caches as "found it", because it wouldn't be fair ! But then, when I look at the map for the caches around me, those 2 are always here, bothering me because I like to slowly clear the area around my city, finding every single cache nearby. It's not a big deal, it's just a bit annoying.


So, my question is (finally!) : is there anyway I can put those caches on my ignore list, but still receive an email notification when somebody writes a log on it ? I really don't want to log them as found, because that would be lame...


Thanks !

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Yes, you can (unless something has changed recently). The two lists are not mutually exclusive.


If something is on your watchlist (or a bookmark list), you will get emails on it, regardless of the fact that you've ignored it.


Absolutely. I hid two caches with a sock puppet account (1 is since archived), and I've been receiving watchlist emails on these ignored caches for years.


And several times (probably 10 over the years), I have put ignored caches on my watchlist that I think are ripe for an encounter with Law Enforcement, or enraged neighbors. I don't know, I'm just a sick puppy that way. :unsure:

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