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DeLorme Earthmate PN-20

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You may well have gotten ahold of a good starter. The "20" won't compete with the PN-30, PN-40 or the PN-60, but it should do well to get you going in the sport. Later, you will most certainly want to upgrade -- almost everyone does, sooner or later. :rolleyes:


Your next trick is to use it, use it and use it. Wear out lots of batteries and see just what it will and won't do. It may very well surprise you!

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We had some issues with the PN20 we borrowed from a friend. Maps were limited, probably just the current users load. For us, we never found a cache, would get us within 30-50' and tell us we were on top. Loaded the same caches into an oregon, went back out to see how far we were off.


Hopefully you will have better luck.

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