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Going to Germany ne1 wants their TB to go with me?

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Originally posted by Roadster:

Great! We have plenty of time to get it to me. Looks like there are a lot of caches close to where I will be staying. Isn't "Ein Großes Bier" Germany survival code? icon_wink.gif


How many of you believe in telekinesis? Raise my hand...


If you are in the area, my Jeep wants to come home. I can't read German well, but something about cows and trees and mud have stopped people from finding the cache. icon_confused.gif



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Hiddenrock, see if you can either get it on it's way to me or TejasFilm, I live in Missouri and Tejasfilm is in Texas at least from his nick he is, I just checked and Yes I was right, the only way I knew that is from a ZZ Top CD I have, and they are from Texas. icon_wink.gif


TejasFilm when are you going to Europe?


The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.

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June 12th through July 2nd, landing in Gatwick Airport, although the "Gatwick Bug Hotel" appears to hvae been shut down, by then it might be open again. Having trouble finding caches near where I'll be. Going everywhere, starting in Amsterdamn, then Munich, Zurich, Salsberg, Prague, Barcelona, Blanes, Paris, and then back to England to get on the plane back to Houston, Tx. Yes I'm a TEXAN!!!

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Originally posted by TejasFilm:

Roadster, What's not in Amsterdamn?? Anne Frank House, Hofbrau House, Van Gogh Museum, lot's of stuff!!!


The people in Munich would be quite pissed off if they knew that Amsterdam stole their Hofbraeu house icon_wink.gif

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I have a TB that is trying to get to Europe Britan actually and I trying to find someone who is going to Eruope and is will to bring a very small TB with them and help him at least get over seas closer to his destination...


Found the cache but where is that damm GPS?

See You In the Woods!!!


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