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2011 World Youth Day Geocoin

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Hey, I'm Jennifer! I'm a student at Stoughton High School, in Stoughton, Wisconsin, with big dreams.


Many of my dreams are probably the same as yours: I want to see the world, get into college, keep a steady job and I want to have fun doing it all. However, where our dreams may differ is our plans for August. One of my many ambitions is to travel to Madrid, Spain for World Youth Day, in the summer of 2011.


I am a youth with a strong relationship with my church and catholic faith. I enjoy learning more about our religious and spiritual callings. At World Youth Day, i will have the rare opportunity to celebrate my faith with our Pope, Pope Benedict XVI.


Me, along with five other high school students, of St. Ann church, are working hard to earn enough money to make this life changing experience a reality. One of many ways you can support us, and our mission, is to purchase a World Youth Day GeoCoin.


You can read an article that our local Catholic Herald paper did on our GeoCoin at: http://www.madisoncatholicherald.org/news/around-diocese/1869-wyd-geocoin.html


My hope is that hundreds of people purchase these coins and set its destination to Madrid, Spain so that these coins make the same type of pilgramage that I and my friends plan to take. How cool would it be to be able to track and monitor your geocoin on its travels to Madrid, Spain if you could not go yourself, or even cooler that you meet up with it and find it when you get to Madrid, Spain if you go to World Youth Day!!


You can purchase one of our custom designed World Youth Day Goins that are non-activated and trackable made of solid bronze and 2" in diameter at: http://www.catholic-youth-designs.com





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I noticed the coin on eBay and ordered a piece. It arrived safely yesterday and I really like it. It is not the cheapest coin in the market but I think my money supported a good cause.

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Nice looking coin. Did you design it yourself?


Are the coins ready to be shipped right when purchased? :)

Thanks for the compliment on the geocoin design!!


Yes, I did design the geocoins myself and then worked with www.Oakcoins.com to have them minted. We have the coins and they are all ready to be shipped as soon as they are ordered. We are hoping to sell enough of the Geocoins to make a significant contribution to our trip expenses to Madrid, Spain for World Youth Day.


You can order them at: http://www.catholic-youth-designs.com


Thanks Again for your interest,


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These are great! I really hope you have a great time at WYD 2011. My son is about a month too young to go so I guess he'll be going in 2012:)

Have a great time!

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What a great website you have there. Who's the budding photographer? Great stuff!! :)

I would have preferred a coin with John Paul II on it but I support your effort, especially since you're from Wisconsin. Besides I had a wonderful time in Spain when I was your age, thanks in part to the Catholic School girls I met there!! Oooops.... TMI. :P:lol:

Best wishes.


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