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1000 nanocache containers - anyone interested in some?

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Hi all,


I'm looking at buying some nanocache containers which come in quantities of 1000pc. While I'm an enthusiast, I don't think I'll be able to use all of them!


Are you interested in getting a small quantity of these? If enough people are interested in buying smaller quantities, I will put an order in and then redistribute - all I ask is you pay the cost of the pieces you order (it works out to be 5c/container) and postage from Sydney. Postage estimator is available on the Australia Post website.


The containers are 2mL plastic flip-top tubes that are tested in freezing (-80°C) and very hot (121°C) temperatures - so no probs dealing with Aussie weather conditions. See the first (largest) tube in the image below:




I could not get the exact dimensions of the containers that I want to order, but I found the follow size specs for similar 2mL containers which appear visually identical and have the same volume:


  • Overall height = 41mm
  • Diameter at top with cap = 19mm
  • Exterior tube diameter = 11mm
  • Interior tube diameter = 9.5mm
  • Volume = 2mL


Are others interested? If you can reply with your desired quantity, your suburb & state then I can see whether there is enough interest. I will also be posting this same message in the GCA forums so please only reply once so the numbers are correct.


Thank you all!

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