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Allegheny Geotrail Geocoins

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I am not surprised one bit at the lack of bidding, it has a reserve price. In my years of selling on the e place I have learned just put the minimum you will accept as your starting price and let it go from there, do not list with a reserve, most bidders will "walk away". Good Luck, I see you have 1 bid but the reserve is not met.

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...is it possible to change your listing to just geocoin...
eBay has restrictions on changes to auctions

mostly, I suspect, to avoid "bait and switch" type situations


I believe that the seller is permitted to make changes only if there have been no bids on an auction

after that, I don't think that the title can be changed

the description may not be changed after there has been a bid

I think that the seller is allowed to add text to the description, but these are shown in a separate area that is clearly labeled and dated

it is all spelled out in the online documentation, if you can find it


- - - -


eBay uses a word search, not a string search

so, as you note, "geocoin" will not match "geocoins"

but you can do several words in an "or" relationship

just put the words in parenthesis, and separate them with commas

for example

(geocoin,geocoins) (2003,2004,2005)

will show you any item(s) listed with either word and any of the dates

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