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Gio the hitchhiker

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Guest CapnGadget

I 'm pleased to report that Gio, a hitchhiker I placed near St-Jean sur Richilieu Quebec Canada this summer was picked up on October 2 and placed in a cache in the Jura Mountains in the Swiss-French Alps near Berne. He has since been moved once again and will probably be placed in another Swiss cache.

Gio appears to be a large pair of plastic "gag" teeth that clack when he's wound up...he has two large plastic eyeballs mounted on top and comes with his own mini-tupperware container along with a note that explains his mission (world travel)and an invitation to sign his sheet and keep him moving along...

will post as he moves

happy geocaching

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hi Again...I'd love to participate in the travel bug program but this all started since the last time I was online here...that means that Gio was launched on his odyssey before travel bugs existed...I checked out the travel bug page but it wasn't very obvious (to me at least) how to join in or post an image...so in the meantime I will post an image of Gio at the cache page where he started; the geocache "A bridge? Too far!" in Quebec, Canada. Also in the meantime I will continue to post any movements here with your kind permission.


happy Geocaching!

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