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eTrex Vista HCx


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Is the 60 CSX still in the box?

If not, are cables and memory card included?

What are you asking?





Asking $200 for the 60CSx. It is also new and has never been taken out of the box. It's never been activated so the warranty is still 1 year from Garmin.


All cables and cards that normally come with the unit are also in the box.



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Is there an eTrex Vista HCx left? If yes - do you ship to Austria with no additional shipping cost too?


Thank you,





I do still have the Vista HCx. It costs me $35 to send a unit to Europe so I would have to add that to the cost.



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I am a gecaching newbie. Teach me about warranty on these Vista HCx units. How to initiate, make a claim, to whom, length of term, ??? Thank You.


Actually, I just sold the last of the Vista's today. All I have left are 2 Oregon 300's @ $250 each. Regardless of the unit, the warranty is the same. It's for one year from the time you first connect to the satellites. Should you have a problem you just call Garmin support and they walk you through everything you need. They are really quite good.



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Do you have the 60 CSx still. If you do, I am interested. If you send your address to me privately, I will send a money order off tomorrow.


Thank you





Sorry but all I have left are the 2 Oregon 300's.


Thanks though!

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