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Garmin issue- caches won't load

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Hi guys-


Had an issue that popped up yesterday when I turned on my unit that I can't get rid of- I have an Oregon 450 and the caches won't load anymore! They ARE in there- I reloaded the caches on the computer where they're in the proper GPX file, and if I go under waypoints the caches and the waypoints are all there- but when I go to the geocaching icon itself on the touch screen it just tells me "no geocaches loaded, visit this website to learn more about how to do it."


Can anyone help? I've had the unit over half a year now and have never encountered this problem before. :(

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Try the following:

Connect 450 to PC.

Using Windows Explorer browse to the drive corresponding the the Garmin. Delete any GPX files.

Disconnect 450 and power it back up.

After reaching the main screen (after 450 has booted) shut it off.

Download GPX(s) to GPSr.

Turn GPSr on -- hopefully data will be there now.

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If what Geo Peeps suggested didn't work, try removing the micro SD card (if you have one installed) and see if it makes any difference.


Finally, there's the nuclear option :




It'll wipe out your settings though. Use it only as a last resort.

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