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How do you contact the owner of a travel bug you found?

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My husband and I each have a travel bug from 2 seperate places. We had intended to do some geocaching on a recent trip to another state, but it was pouring when we went, so we were not able to. We figured we would leave them in the next caches we went to, but due to the heavy rains around here, we haven't been out. And now, my husband has had a heart attack...mild, so we will eventually get out again, probably in the next few weeks. But not this week. As a woman, I don't feel comfortable wandering around in the woods by myself, so I won't be going alone. So, how do I notify the owners of these travel bugs so they don't think we are just keeping them or hoarding them? And should we put both bugs in the same cache (the next one we go to) or put them in seperate ones?

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On the top of the TB's page it has 'released' and a date. Next to the date is a link to the bug owner's profile. Go there, then select 'email this user'.

Explain your situation and give them your email address. If they have any problems with the delay, they'll let you know. They will probably be appreciative of you contacting them and letting them know you are having difficulties right now.



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