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Carbon Hunter

Advice for new Gulf cachers

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I was asked by a visiting cacher how caching in the Gulf differs from elsewhere. I thought this may be a good topic for all the experienced Gulf cachers to share some of their tips and tricks for caching in the Gulf.


There are many "unique" aspects to caching such as

  • Only driving in groups in desert, with correct extraction equipment
  • Watching for scorpions and snakes when looking in rocks
  • Ensuring that you drink enough water
  • etc.....


I think a GREAT starting point is the me N u Saudi Geocaching site (http://www.saudigeocachers.com/index.php?option=com_userlist) which provides an amazing amount of good knowledge.


Local 4x4 and off road clubs also tend to have a fair amount of info about first aid and safety in driving on their websties too.

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