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travel bug discovered online

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Oh dear. I just looked at your Mt Kili bug. I see what you mean.


It means that somewhere on the www people have been able to find the tracking number of your TB, even if they haven't seen the real TB itself. They are "virtually logging" it... which is not allowed by Groundspeak. It's an "abuse of the system".


What can you do?


Well, as you're the owner you should really delete the virtual logs - there seems to be quite a lot. :(


How can you stop it happening?


It may be necessary for your TB to be locked by Groundspeak. I'm sure Eartha, the Mod on this forum, will give further advice.



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Discovered it in the hands of some geocachers who went to Africa, some years ago, and told the story on internet.


If you google your tracking number you can probably find it posted somewhere. We can probably find out who posted it and explain why doing so causes problems.


You can post a warning on your bug that virtually logging is not allowed and all logs will be deleted. Or you can have Eartha do it.

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googled the Name of your Travel Bug, and the very first result had pictures of 2 Travel bugs complete with clear tracking numbers.

I've gotten the same results. I don't know why the "virual logs" suddenly began (maybe in a chain letter email), but there are at least two references to your TB# online. One's an actual photo on a hiker/geocacher's web site. They were innocently showing a photo of 2 tags they found in 2004, and may be worth contacting to see if they'd agree to obscure the number. Having that number on display wasn't a problem over the following 5 years, and many people, including the person who posted the photo, don't realize it's an issue. I had my own TB tags posted with numbers showing, when I first started caching. I'd think there could be a secondary layer of miminum security added to logging a Travel Bug (at least in cases like this), but what do I know.


Another reference to your number is in google's text cache, and it was once a geocache log where someone typed the number in their found log on Geocaching.com. Once in google, always in google, so that will be tough to remove (but it's also somewhat harder to find than the photo).

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