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when hiding a cache i know u put in a logbook , coin , or whatever but do u have to put a note explaining what it is if found by accident describing what it is. the ones ive found always have had one in it. and what i want to know is this something you have to put in every cache you hide? and if you dont will your cache by terminated?

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In the caches I have put out, I include the logsheet that has what geocaching is described on half the sheet. I don't have any stickers on the outside of the container, a green sticker defeats the purpose of any camo paint. You can get printable logsheet downloads from the main page under resources, then go to 3rd party and helpful links. When you get to the helpful links, scroll down to user generated tools. I use geocacher-u and use whichever size I want from the list on the right side

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The police have actually come on these forums and requested that the outside of the container be marked clearly as a geocache.


Many have been called into the bomb squad and this lessens the chance your cache will be detonated by the bomb squad.

I am really not joking here. This has happened too many times.


If it interferes with your camo to have a geo-sticker on it, just mark it with a black felt pen: geocache.


It's a good idea to keep good relations with the local authorities. I don't think this is too much of them to ask.


(and it's good to include the explanation sheet in the cache, but not mandatory. I've read many stories on the forums where someone has found a cache accidently and began caching because of that note)

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Yes, please add one if the container is large enough.


You'll find the link to the Cache Notes on this page, right side:


Hide a cache.




Most containers have room for a short explanation that can be included as part of the log. Although there are lots of templaes, I have sometimes used the ones at the tech blazer site, which has a number of options for different size logs that let people know what they have found.


For most caches, I have edited the basic stash sheet and formatted it to stand out(and fit the container). I also set up a gmail account and lately have been using that to provide a contact in case there is a problem with the cache. So far, no one has contacted me. And these days, I am getting much better at identifying the container on the outside or using clear containers so that the content can be identified without blowing them up should someone stumble across them.

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