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Can I make a homemade Travel Bug?

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I am in the military and therefore have access to nearby shops (U.S. Cavalry, military surplus, etc.) that can stamp text into dogtags. Is there a way I can get a TB number assigned and go make a travel bug my self?


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I doubt it. At least from a true travel bug mechanism.


You could pay the $6.50 and get the number and activation code, and they would ship you a bug - and then you could use your own homemade one on the traveller. Not a bad idea if you put more details on logging the bug on the tag.


Or you could make a traveller similar to a Travel Bug, but not using the Travel Bug pages. Check out Scoob and Shag and their journeys.


Of course, it is possible to also just make your own webpage to track the information. It just takes a little more effort on your part.



My Geocaching Page

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