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Groundspeak Moderators and Reviewers...


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I agree, and I think they all deserve a donut, too!




Yes they do...from Voodoo Donuts would be best.


Voodoo Donuts would be awesome B) Maybe I'll check with my wife to see if she'd like to renew our vows there on our next Anniversary ;)


Many happy returns to all you guys and gals that keep hiding great caches. That's what REALLY keeps this site going :wub:

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Yeah. You guys. You know who you are.


It's the New Year, and I just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do in publishing caches and particularly in keeping the forums civil! Tough job sometimes, but someone's gotta do it - so thanks!


Nice of the Blue Bow to start this thread. I find the Mods to be pretty patient people trying to keep the wild west of the forums reasonably civil. Our local reviewer is a fair-minded individual who has to deal with a very active and diverse group of geocachers. He goes out of his way to attend local events in several states and this gives him an approachability and a visibility that goes a long way in heading off potential disagreements.

Thanks and have a happy and healthy New Year.

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Thank you for bumping this "appreciation thread" for the Groundspeak Volunteer Team. I never tire of re-reading all the thank-yous.


I gathered from your post that you are awaiting publication for one or more cache submissions. I checked the review queue and saw your two pending submissions, one each in Utah and Idaho. Bear in mind that you will be dealing with two different reviewers, so you may hear back earlier on one listing than on the other.


The Utah cache looked to be in good shape (barring any local issues unknown to me). The Idaho cache, however, has a very slight proximity conflict with an existing cache. The variation from the 528 foot minimum cache separation distance is so small that most reviewers will say "close enough" and grant an exception.


When you submitted your caches, you should have received an email advising that the initial service goal for review of new submissions is three days. Hopefully your reviewers are out enjoying a nice weekend. I am sure they will look at the two caches you submitted today just as soon as their schedules permit.


To alert the local reviewers to your eagerness, however, I've taken the liberty of linking them to your inquiry here in the forums.


Thanks very much for hiding caches, and for your patience during the review process.

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Go find some more while you wait. It will make you a much better cache hider.


Yes, and thank you for bumping this thread.

I don't think we can thank these people enough.

They work long hours for free with very little notice, except when people get impatient.


I say, THANK YOU!!!

It is really great what you do!!!!

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