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Bugs Tracking Bugs?

Guest Ttepee
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I am trying to figure out what to expect from the Travel Bug Notification system. After watching a couple bugs of my own and one I've moved along on its way, it seems like when watching or owning a bug we are notified when the bug is found... but not when it is rehidden? So far the notification has seemed sporatic but I do believe the "not when hidden" pattern is beginning to develop. Is that how it works?

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Guest Markwell

I noticed that too, and e-mailed Jeremy with that information. As owners, of course - and watchers as well - we need to be notified when it's grabbed AND when it's rehidden.

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Guest Artful Dodger

I have noticed that too with my Travel Bug.


Even though it is a trivial point, I also would like see the number of people watching the Travel Bug as in the normal cache pages.

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Guest sdstack

Isn't it true that the person has to log finding it on the travel bug page and then re-log it when they leave it somewhere else? I always log twice when I find one and replace it. Wouldn't this notify the owner both times?



Triomega SD Stack


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sdstack said

Wouldn't this notify the owner both times?


Unfortunately no it doesn't notify the owner or watchers with the rehidden log, only the found grabbed log. No big deal really, it's easy enough to check on them manually... but I found it pretty confusing to start off with trying to make rhyme or reason out of when I was being notified and when not.

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Guest Markwell

I'd like to bump this up to the top of the forum and see if we can get this problem addressed.


Currently, I've added a phrase asking Geocachers to notify me when they re-hide the bug, but that doesn't seem very user friendly to non-cachers.

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