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Are Micros in Remote places a bad idea?

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After becoming an avid hunter of remote caches or caches with high terrain ratings, I have found that I really have no need desire to find plastic toys in these caches. For me, those types of cache are all about the journey and the final location. All I need is a logbook to sign. I also think it is unfair to place a travel bug in isolated areas. Some remote caches of mine are only found one or twice a year.

As long as I can find whatever you have hidden easily, with detail descriptions of where it is, I am happy with micros or even Nanos in remote places. DON'T MAKE ME REALLY SEARCH FOR THE CACHE THOUGH!


This is my new kind of policy for hiding a remote cache. Something small, just a log book, no space for trade items or TBs and A VERY PRECISE DESCRIPTION OF HOW TO FIND IT.


What do you think?

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I fully aggree with this sentiment. I've done a few caches this December in very isolated areas in our beautiful country, the purpose of doing these was definitely not about what type of cache I found rather it was about visiting the area and wanting to experience the joy of some other Geocacher placing a cache in the desolate area for some reason. I've experienced some incredible caches, I think the view from Augrabies - Arrarat (GC11J35) must be one of the best views I've seen :D. I also agree with the Trackables for these type of caches, dip the trackable here and let it move to a more popular area. As a trackable owner I would love to see the pics of these caches, but I don't think I would want a TB of mine to be stuck in a cache for 9 months or so... :lol:

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Doc you are slightly missing the point.


Its not about plastic crap as you say but how about a decent size log book that you can log a decent note in. More than micros I hate the logging of micros and then especially forgetting to bring a pen. What's wroing with a nice small cache containing just a log book and pen/pencil. Still think a micro is a bit sad on top of a mountain or at the end of a long micro.


I am of course referring to film cannister size and down - or any small round container (pill bottle) that has to have an otherwise reasonable sized log book all wound up to fit in!


Agree about the clues and findability. Leave a detailed spolier clue if the cacher has had to make a huge effort to get to the cache.


Then again this is all moot as those remote ache s are the least likely ones I am to do!


As for TBs - at least they will be relatively safe in those remote caches!



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Are Micros in Remote places a bad idea?

What do you think?

IMO, yes.

A good-sized container with cool content, at the end of a long tough hike is a special cherry on top.

A micro in that circumstance would be a big let-down.

As the owner of many travellers, I have no problem with my travellers "getting stuck" in special remote caches.


So, sorry to disagree, but I think micros in remote places are a horrible idea....

But, that's my personal opinion.

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Are Micros in Remote places a bad idea?

What do you think?


I have to agree with Fish Eagle on this one. They are a horrible idea. The point (to me) of a micro is to hide a cache from muggles. I do not enjoy hunting a film canister on a cliff face after bundu bashing for a 100 meters, with the GPS jumping around and 3 meters away is 20 meters up. There is small chance of being muggled, so why make it a micro? No matter how good the CO thinks the hint is, I've seen more, between two rocks, or next to the bush, or under the boulder, where it could be describing everything within sight. Having a nice treasure at the end of the hunt is nice, and having a DNF after a significant hike isn't. But then I'm not the best at finding caches.


Still, if the point is the destination, why would I want to spend my time there hunting for a micro for 20 minutes rather than enjoying the view?

my two cents.

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I tend to think that large caches in remote locations are a waste of time. If the spot is special enought to deserve a cache then I doubt anyone going to extra lengths to find it is going to care about the trading of bits and bobs. I think small is fine but micro is too small for these spots. MnCo hid one or two in Cape Point which I think were perfect - small enough to hide easily, big enough for a decent log book and if anyone felt the need to drop off a small trackable they could.


I once found a very large cache in a rather remote spot which really wasn't worth the stop. I logged and left while my hiking buddies got irritated. Normally they are willing to hang around, have a cup of tea and let me do my thing.

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I think the problem is not really the size, but the fact that the swag tends to get watered down over time...

The FTF guy might open up a "regular" with very cool swag...

Finder no 20 only finds two Mc Donalds toys, and sunglasses with one ear missing...


I for one actually do not trade anymore, as the trade-part of it lost it's appeal for this very reason...

Yes, the journey to the cache, and the views from there is what you will remember for a long time after wards, but I don't really like the idea of a micro on top of a mountain... It sort of feels like a bit of a cop-out...


Just my 2 cents worth...

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More often than not - my family comes along to these remote locations and bear with me in finding the cache.


I agree that the view and the Wow factor are well worth it to the average cacher.


But the kids - and even me - enjoy finding and keeping a useful keyring or arbitary Mac Donalds toy. As far as TB's sitting for over a year - well I think that's up to the cacher who left them there to make the call. Some TB's don't mind sitting on top of a mountain for over a year - others in a race would not be happy.


So IMHO - i'd like at least a small lunch box out there.

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I don't care about trading items either. The caches I have after a hike (1-8 miles) I leave an ammo can and a larger log book. I usually put a FTF prize in it but I don't fill them with trade items.


My last ammo can I left a FTF, STF and a book in the can. Along with a bigger log and pen.


But having a larger sized log book and a pen is nice on the hiking caches. A micro is a pain to sign, no pen, needs log changed more often and is just harder to find, no matter the CO description.


Ammo can is perfect for remote locations!

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It's pretty much all been said, but I can perhaps add that I'm in favour of the principle that if a location can take a cache larger than a micro, it shouldn't be a micro. Top of a mountain or not. I'm not a big fan of micros, unless they're creative, like a lot of Oom Louwtjie's caches in Bloem.


On trackables: I'm quite content for a traveller to get stuck in a remote cache. I dropped one of my own coins into Discombob's "Good Point" cache, knowing it will probably sit there for months, but I felt it was a cache that deserved a trackable. Trackables are in a sense my "reward" for a good cache. :D


On swag: I stopped trading a long time ago, but I will put stuff into caches every now and then, when I find something in my house I have no use for but can't get myself to throw away. With my in-progress move to Grahamstown, I have a whole backpack full of stuff destined for caches. :)


I agree with SeekerOfTheWay: the longer the hike, the nicer the logbook should be. A nice logbook makes me almost feel obligated to write a nice log, and it's nice having a sit-down and reading past logs. I remember reading the entire logbook on one of Ginger's caches, and it was AWESOME.

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I must say I agree on the issues regarding signing the log. I want a pen and a decent log book. Don't want to fumble about. Quite like the FTF and STF prize idea, which leaves just a log book after one or two finds.


For the record, I have no micros on mountains. I do have a small that has not been found after a month.


So for me, a small will do, no swag needed.

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If i have done a nice long hike, and the cache is at a goood viewpoint, I really enjoy the chance to relax and peruse the cache contents, and sit and read the previous logs, which having a drink and snack. With a small container/logbook, people might just sign their name, and thus I won't enjoy that relaxing read or browsing of contents - even though I don't normally trade, it can be fun to see whats there.


If the cache was just a quick 5-10 min walk, I don't normally have the need to sit and read the logbooks or browse the contents, so smalls are fine for that! So to me, a slightly larger cache is even better in remote locations!

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