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AHOY! 2011 Mini-Doubloon Project


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Ahoy, me hearties!


Cap'n Jackal here, an' I be lookin' fer any coin-lovin' sea-farin' scalliwags who be pinin' fer shiny, precious, wonderful LUCRE -- yes, th' 2011 Mini-Doubloon Treasure Quest be gettin' ready t' set sail, an' I be needin' a fearless, clever, dastardly crew!


Coin - Th' Design


Th' common 3D front, based very loosely on th' Edwardian (Medieval) English Silver Penny. Showin' an expectation o' what th' silver coins may look like.



Th' back, customizable. X marks the coin!


Coin - Th' Specs

Size: 1" (25.4mm) diameter / about 1/16 inch (2mm) thick

Plating: Yer choice: gold, silver, copper, black nickel. Antiquing and foggy/satin finishes a wee bit extra.

Colors: Up t' three IHE enamels. Translucent colors at no extra charge. Glitter/glow a wee bit extra. Pearlescent a wee bit more extra.

Engraving: Up t' 15 characters for a moniker or phrase

Custom icon: Aye!


Tracking codes: On th' edge, like th' life o' a pirate

Is it Approved? Oh, aye, th' Dread Pirate Anne herself passed on th' Frog's Blessin'. Arrrrr!


Price - Th' Basics

Each pirate signs up fer a bounty o' at least 20 doubloons (but ye kin quest after more if yer heart so desires).

Pay-in per each bounty o' 20: US $115*

Courier fee: US $6.50 (unless ye be livin' in th' Land o' th' Risin' Sun [Japan], in which case it's US $6) fer a bounty o' 20

More coins: US $5.75 each piece* (courier fees may probably increase, but I'll let ye know when I know yer mind)


Th' charges for this project are on a per-color basis an' a quote fer 500 pieces. So this price is based on th' assumption that all 25 o' th' crew choose completely unique colors (for a total of 500 doubloons). As some o' th' areas are good fer translucent enamel (and there are only 24 translucent colors), chances are th' crew will end up choosin' some o' th' same colors. An' more crew members may also bring down th' price. So, in short, this price will probably be less (as t'was last time we set sail). How much less? It depends on how many we have fer th' crew an' what colors we choose: I won't know 'til th' final tally.


Price - Extras

Glow/Glitter: US $.13/coin (+US $2.60 per bounty o' 20)

Pearl: US $.30 per coin for th’ first pearl color (+US $6 per bounty o’ 20) an’ $.05 per color (+US $1 per bounty o’ 20) for colors 2 an’ 3.

Antiquing: US $.10 per coin (+US $2.00 per bounty o’ 20)

Foggy/Satin Finishing: US $.05 per coin (+US $1.00 per bounty o’ 20)


How do I sign up, Cap'n?

Just send a message via e-pigeon or e-bottle to: doubloons2011@grafikato.com an' let th' ol' Cap'n know th' following:

  • Yer Geocachin' Identity (Geonick)
  • Yer email address
  • Yer PayPal address (if different)
  • Yer mailin' address

I'll get ye added t' th' Quarterdeck Muster. This year, I'll also be runnin' a separate TRADE list fer those wishin' t' trade. If ye want on that list, let me know (but ye don't have t' worry; I kin always add ye later). I'll be takin' muster until JANUARY 20th. If ye not be sure whether ye be wantin', ye kin sign up anyway. It's no trouble t' take ye off th' muster if ye change yer mind.


But we be needin' at least 25 committed pirates t' muster up this crew (or t' have our eyes on a cache of 500 total doubloons). Any fewer an' we'll have t' call off th' Quest on account o' not havin' enough hands. But NO MONEY WILL BE COLLECTED until we be ready t' finalize th' order, so ye kin still join an' do yer plottin' an' schemin' wit' no worries 'bout partin' wit' hard-earned cash.


Rehashin' it all

It's all at th' website fer th' Project, which be here: www.grafikato.com/doubloons2011. I be lookin' forward to sailin' wit' a fine and wretched as bunch o' scum as ever sailed twixt th' Seven Cointinents!

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I missed the first project, but this time in time to check in. I've mailed my details.




I haven't gotten your email yet, oddly enough. : ( Could you double-check and make sure you sent it to doubloons2011@grafikato.com ? (Or just email me through my profile. It's a different email address, but it'll work.) Once I have your info I'll get you on the crew's muster, arrr! : )

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Ahoy, Cap'n, count me in! I be ou' o' town an' I be havin' nay access t' a computer, so I be lettin' ye scurvy dogs know, I be reservin' th' name, "Fiddler's Green". Happy New Year-I be lookin' fore t' another voyage on th' fair seas wi' all o' you.


Ahoy, Matey! Good t' be sailin' wit' ye agin! Ye should be gettin' yer Quarterdeck notice soon. Welcome aboard!


-- the Cap'n

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Oh! Oh! oh!! I want to!! I have to see about my funds!! <_<


So awesome Jackalgirl!!! :)


Why thank ye, me hearty! I hope ye kin come a'sailin' with us -- a better crew o' dastardly coinvicts yer not likely t' find on any o' th' Seven Seas. : )


Just take a look at last year's bounty:





Hope to be seeyin' ye muster at th' brow soon!


-- Dread Cap'n Jackal

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I should probably talk about the timeline a little, especially if folks are considering budgets:


I'm thinking that after the Muster close-out (on the 20th), and provided that we've got enough Pirates, we'll have about a month for everyone to make choices about customization. Then 2 weeks to finalize and two weeks for payment (when the order's ready to place). So we're talking about March 14th (or so) as a payment deadline.


Things might go a little quicker if everyone on the list agrees (and gets their choices in quickly). But there's usually some flexibility for those whose budgets are tight.


Insofar as designs are concerned: I'll be providing everyone with blueprints (prior to receiving the mint's blueprints). So you'll get some idea of what your coin will look like beforehand, and of course can change your mind. I'm also happy to help people with recommendations (and I'm willing to bet that most of the rest of the Crew will be, too). It's a good community. : )

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Hey JG! I have been pondering my colour scheme and thought I would check out the schemes from last time...I went to the link for the original set (from the page for the 2011 project on your site) and I can see a picture for only a moment and then it's gone. If I click on the blank space where the pic was, I get taken to mint art for 8 versions. I know there were more...

Can you help??

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Hey JG! I have been pondering my colour scheme and thought I would check out the schemes from last time...I went to the link for the original set (from the page for the 2011 project on your site) and I can see a picture for only a moment and then it's gone. If I click on the blank space where the pic was, I get taken to mint art for 8 versions. I know there were more...

Can you help??


<grumbles about iWeb> Okay, I hope I've fixed that particular problem. Try again and if you're still having trouble, please drop me an email -- I'll get you whatever files you need. And thanks for letting me know about the page weirdness!

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I emailed ELTADA separately, but if anyone else is interested in seeing the coins from last year and is having trouble, check out: this quick-and-dirty list of coins. I think that the problem viewing the previous pages probably has to do with users of Internet Explorer: Microsoft uses its own proprietary programming for its rendering engine (that is, the part of the browser that actually draws the page in your browser screen). This proprietary setup is not in compliance with the WWW Consortium's standards for web page rendering. I'm using iWeb to generate the pages, which does comply with the standard. So if you're having trouble, try either upgrading IE (to IE8, I think), using another browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, should all work), or just shoot me an email letting me know what you want to see. I'll be happy to help out as best I can. : )

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I'm happy to announce that we've got enough participants to go forward with the project -- hip hip, hurray!


Of course, we're more than happy to add more pirates to the crew. So I'm keeping the brow open until the 20th of January, as planned -- let us pressgang you!


Check out some of the up-and-coming lucre:



Edited by Jackalgirl
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Ahoy, WMM & kini_ont!


Welcome aboard! As soon as I be gettin' free o' the wage slaver, I'll be settin' ye up on the group mailing list and ye'll also have access to a list o' current designs (wit' blueprints). That way, ye kin be seein' what's taken and make yer choices accordingly. More later tonight!

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