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Legend H vs Venture HC vs Dakota 10

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Okay, for Christmas...I got a Magellan eXplorist GC. I've been using an eTrex Vista that a friend let me borrow for about a year now (good friend, huh?).


Anyhow, I read some great reviews but the negatives ones stood out...when I learned it didn't have an internal compass and that I had to actually be moving for it to direct, that turned me off big time. So I took it back and got a refund...and now I'm searching again.


The 3 I have seen while shopping are:


eTrex Legend H for $149 at Academy Sports


Venture HC for $159 at Dick's


Dakota 10 for $219 at Dick's


Which do you guys recommend of these? I know the Dakota 10 is touch screen and seems to have more bells and whistles- but doesn't it warrant $60-70 more?


My #1 use will be geocaching, although we do go camping a bit during the summer and backpacking once or twice a year. I'd obviously like geocaching to be simple with the device and for it to be accurate...with an internal compass so I can stop to search with my eyes but also rely on my GPSr for help without constantly moving.


I want to make a purchase very soon so the person who gifted it to me doesn't think I'm just pocketing the cash on him (gf's Dad)!


Thanks for any input!

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Of those four GPS's, including your Vista, only the Vista has an "internal" compass, as you call it. Garmin refers to it as an electronic compass.


From Garmin's current line, the most affordable begin with the Vista H, Summit HC, Vista HCx, Dakota 20, etc...


Sorry, I meant electronic compass. I believe the Legend, Dakota, and Oregon all have this feature.


So what would ya say?

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I will comment on the Legend H and Venture HC since I have used both of those. These units do not have an electronic compass. I own the Vista HCx which does have an electronic compass. I really don't use the compass on my unit at all. I feel that having the electronic compass is not really a big advantage. I would recommend the Venture HC over the Legend H. The Legend has a black & white screen that is pretty slow. You should be able to find better prices. I got the Venture HC before Christmas for less than 100.00

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The internal compass is not that big of a deal in my opinion because the you always have to recalibrate it and that is frustrating. On the Oregon you can turn it off and all you have to do is walk a few steps and the gps know the direction you are facing. On my new 550 with the three axis compass I have never had to calibrate it and it is always right on the money. That being said I would not waste any money on a GPS that did not a\have a data card slot, PERIOD. Need proof?




To cover SC and Georgia it's 183.4 MB while the Legend and the Venture only have room for 24MB of data. Well the Dakota has 850MB of space which is enough for a few states of topo. I have on my Oregon 300 and 550 Street maps for the whole USA and Topo for the whole NW. I do a lot of traveling for caching so it makes sense.


So in my opinion its down to the Dakota 10 and the Oregon 300


I dont know to much about the Dakota but I was very very happy with my 300 until I had to have a built in camera.

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