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Muggles, Non-Cachers, What are they?

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<_< I've ben thinking about geocaching terms lately. I know that muggle is a classic term, but it's pretty vauge don't you think? I mean there's people out there that know about geocaching, but they don't particapate. Would they be a non-cacher. So what about someone who knows about geocaching but destroys a cache anyway. Is that a Non-Geocachered geocache? What do you think?
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How many people can you really describe as 'non-cachers'? That is, you know them well enough that you know they're familiar with the game, but that they also don't play it. Doesn't seem like describing that would come up often enough to have a specific term for it. 'Muggle' generally implies ignorance so I'd assume someone using 'non-cacher' means to imply familiarity but non-participation in the game.


For those that know about the game and go destroying caches, I see them referred to as "geotrashers".

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