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Changing goals for a Travel Bug

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With the travel bugs I've released, I've always left the goals fairly vague--i.e. take me anywhere and place me anywhere. Now, one of my bugs has travelled from where I placed it here in Minnesota all the way to Merry Olde England. I think it would be neat to send it the rest of the way around the world and possibly back to where I can retreive it myself one day. My question is, is it kosher to change the goal of a bug after it's already been released and picked up a couple of times? 15T



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It's your bug to do with as you wish. I forsee changing bug's goals when they reach their destination.... but if I just changed my mind.. why not? The only thing that would be tricky is that I usually try to have a laminted card with goals and logging instructions with the bug. I would try to contact cachers for help replacing the card though.. where there's a will there's a way!

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I have one travel bug that is based on the fact that the goal is always changing. While I will have to do this manually right now (the bug has not yet been released), I am trying to work with geocaching.com and am awaiting a response to see if I can call remote scripts from my server to produce the html text in goals section.


Geocachers don't NEED to ask for directions!

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