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What Smartphone should I buy?


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I have been geocaching for several years with my Garmin eTrex Legend without a problem, but I have always wanted to do paperless caching and be able to find nearby caches on the fly. I am overdue for a phone upgrade from AT&T Wireless and was wondering what phone would be better for geocaching, Droid or i-Phone? Does anyone out there on the AT&T network have any suggestions?

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I have had Verizon for many years so I just upgraded from a BB Storm to the Droid X. I loaded the free "c:geo" app and it works like a charm. Big screen and fast. I was caching out in the middle of nowhere in easter Colorado. Not sure how well AT&T would have done but Verizon came in loud and clear.

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If there is any violation it would come under the "Access and Interference" section. But given what this app does there must be an SDK that Groundspeak makes available to developers. It's all good as far as I'm concerned.

It scrapes the site. Scraping the site violates the TOU. Didn't you ever wonder why this application breaks every time the site is updated and you have to wait a couple days for an update? A legitimate application developed in a manner that does not violate the TOU wold not break on a site update.

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Think of how many Geocachers worldwide are playing this sport/game with this app that is in question by a select few? Think about how many of these Geocachers using this app are paying for premium memberships? Think about how many of these Geocachers/players would possible stop playing this game if the c:geo app was stopped? IMO, the people who are slinging to TOS statement against c:geo to help draw attention to their statements and is more about economic roots.


In my local area there are MANY geocachers who have android phones who have both purchased the official geocaching app from Groundspeak and also use the free app by c:geo. Time and time again, many of the local cachers that I associate with prefer the c:geo app over the official app. Why is that? I will tell you why, they state that it seems to work a lot better in their opinions and they like how it functions.


I've even asked many of them if they would stop geocaching if the c:geo app was blocked? Many of them, to also include myself say yes. I think the official app is a clone of what c:geo is offering for the Android systems. If anything, both sides should work together to make the geocaching community stronger. If anything, Groundspeak is following Apple's way of forcing you to pay for everything so you can utilized their products.So I guess that double standards are exceptable since the official released app works in the similar manner as the c:geo app.


The app that each cacher uses is their choice. It shouldn't be about controlling the market for economic gain. Look at all of the other caching sites that emerge out of things like this. Granted not all will make it and/or die off but one day....one just might succeed and change how things are being operated.

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I've only been using it for about a week so I haven't encountered any problems between it and the site. I think it's a great app. I was turned on to it by another cacher who had both it and the Groundspeak app installed and preferred c:geo. I'm actually thrilled to finally have a phone that gives me a choice of really usable apps. I hope that remains the case.

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