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So, What caching gear did Santa bring you?


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Cool question! I got a road atlas, which is quite handy for caching. Also got a new pair of shoes, partially because the last new pair I got ended up getting scuffed on rocks in a recent desert caching excursion. ;)


If presents to myself count, I got several more SureFire LED illumination tools (what some people call flashlights)...those things are superb for night caching, and even useful in the daytime in some situations.

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A garmin Dakota 10 Very happy!! My husband got a tee shirt with the Pillsbury dough boy on it and I said i am taking that , I have been watching a PBDB travel bug and dying to get it when it comes my way, so its my goal in life. Other then that , just an itch now to get out again to cache!!

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This year christmas was a beginning geocachers dream! It was a coordinated effort from my wife and her family. Lets see I got:

Garmin Dakota 20 (Awesome!! way better then the mobile one we got with a 4 hour battery life) from the wife

A geocaching starter kit, has a bunch of micro containers, and everything you need to repair a cache, cool gift from mother-in-law

Some nice trekking poles from mother in-law

H-Tec Waterproof hiking shoes from the wife

underarmor moisture wicking underclothes from the wife

leatherman - wife

a very nice backpack with internal frame step-mother in-law

bunch of trail snacks and jerky


wife got some trekking poles from me

a geocaching t-shirt - her mom

a travel bug - mom

a day pack with fanny pack - me (fanny pack perfect to stick her camera in for quick access when on the trails)


Almost ready for the outdoors, still missing some vital items like a TENT! lol but these items really jump started us.

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I got a nice haul from "Santa":


- two Camelbak backpacks (one heavy for winter, one light for summer)

- a water bladder for said backpacks

- three new water bottles

- Leki trekking poles

- Hi-Tec hiking boots

- two jackets (one thick, one thin)

- a Motorola Droid 2 Global

and... wait for it... A Magellan eXplorist GC! Finally, no more old eXplorist 200 for me!


I'm going caching this week to test out all of my new gear, and maybe drive up to the snow to experience real "winter caching". :laughing:

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got a 60CSX to upgrade from the Nuvi from the wife (A freind got us Topo maps as a gift too!). Used it today in conjunction with an ipod nano she used for cache descriptions and logs. It was amazing. That thing laughs at trees.

I had gotten her a camcorder which was put to much use.

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I got a nifty GPSr holder for my bicycle... it slides in and stays securely, and easily comes out! Now I don't have to worry about dropping it as I ride!


A DeLorme map of NY, so I can work on the NY Challenge.


A borescope so I can see in those nooks and crannies (and those black iron fences) for those sneaky caches.


Thanks, Santa!

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Huge haul for me, too. Several containers to continue my Marley Series and 4 trackables from the mil. Wife got a couple of containers, an iPod touch so I can connect at wi-fi spots, and AN EXPLORIST GC!!! Love the new GPSr!! Already have found a few that I wouldn't have found without the access to all of the old logs. Thanks, honey!

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I got a promise from the wife to pick up one of those good military UTG shoulder packs next time we are at the nearest army base town (should be in another week or two). Our current cache pack works, but, with only three compartments, things tend to get pretty mixed up. Other than that, leading up to Xmas, I got one of those little telescoping mirror things, one of those extended reach grabber thingys, and a Dakota 20. All of which I told her to just consider part of Xmas. I usually don't want/get anything for Xmas, I have more fun getting stuff for her and the kids.



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I got you all beat.


GPS technology helped my favorite 1LT find his way to my home for Christmas Eve dinner with the whole family. What a wonderful feeling to open the door and see him standing there.


Your right, you win hands down.

Do me a favor shake his hand for me and say Thanks from Coman and family

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I had a Garmin Nuvi on my list for Christmas, but told my wife to get me a TomTom instead after Garmin's decided to try and split the geocaching community.


So far I'm happy with the TomTom and have to figure out how to load caches into it so I can see them while driving, though I'd use my DeLorme to actually find the cache.

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My boyfriend got me a Garmin eTrex Venture HC, which is wonderful because we've been using the regular car GPS all along while caching. We had an accident with it a while ago while out caching and the power button popped off, and now the only way to turn it on or off is plugging it in in the car.. so I'm glad we don't have to do that and will be able to use a nice handheld unit!!!


My parents also gave us a container to hide a cache in, a small first aid kit, and some other small outdoorsy stuff. :)

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I got the cost to upgrade to an Oregon 450T, also got a cache dedicated to me, a chirp, some bison tubes, a mini ammo can, and a longer USB cable as the one that came with my Oregon 450T was pathetically short.


Oh, and some official geocache tupperware.


Oh, and a coin!

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I got: (at Thanksgiving sale) Oregon 450 and Ram bicycle/motorcycle mount.


On Christmas Day: Garmin Nuvi 265 for my car (to get me to the cache area), hiking pole and laminating plastic to make tags for my travel bugs, signiature cards and name tag for myself for Geo Events, and also a small flashlight.


My son got a real compass, flashlight and pocket knife/tool set.


Day after Christmas we went to our first Geo Event and got to meet lots of cachers, and use some of the equipment!

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