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Magellan question.

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I just have a quick question. My girlfriend was given a Magellan GC for xmas, and we were wondering how to link the device to my account? We went out today and found a few caches, and I made sure to click that we found them on the Magellan, but when we came back home, I looked at my profile and saw that I had found none.

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Hello JohnPound and welcome to Geocaching and the forums!


I use an eXplorist GC too. By marking it found in the GPS reciever, it will not automatically log it as found on the website. This can be done a couple of different ways. There is a way to hook up the eXplorist GC to your computer and it will bring up the caches on your computer and you can log them. I am not very knowledgeable about this form of logging your finds. (I did read it in the manual though.)


What I do when I get home is either of two ways, depending on how many caches I found while I was out.


If it's not very many caches (0-10), I just use the sort/filter function and sort the caches down so that only the "found" caches are showing on my screen. I enter the GC# at geocaching.com and write out my logs, and submit them.


If it's more than 10 caches, I will hook up the eXplorist GC to my computer and copy over the geocaching note from the eXplorist to a word file (or notepad or wordpad - whatever you prefer). I will sort that list into order by the time found and then log the finds manually.


I never use the automatic logging function because I choose to write a personal log for each cache that I found. (My preference.)


After I've logged the finds, I delete the note file from both my eXplorist and from my computer.


To help you get started (and so you can read more), here is a link to the online manual for the eXplorist GC: http://support.magellangps.com/support/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&download


Good luck and welcome!

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The explorist gc supports field notes, which allows you to upload a list of the caches you marked as found (or not found) and then to easily enter a log and submit it. Field notes make the process easy and I use it whenever I have more than a handful of caches to log.


Field notes are availabe from your profile page or this link: http://www.geocaching.com/my/fieldnotes.aspx

To upload them, simply scroll down to the Magellan link and follow the process from there. You will be prompted to upload the notes and there are instructions for each of tbe units that support this feature on the upload page.

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