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Make DNF's visible at the Public Profile


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There are a few cachers in my area that seem to delete all the DNFs on their hides. I don't even bother logging them anymore because of it.

I'm not in your area but if you ever come here and can't find a cache I've hidden please do log a DNF. That's information I can use and might even need if there is a problem. You will never have to worry about me deleting one unless the log is completely inappropriate. Even then I would ask you to edit it first.

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Just to let you know this suggestion was declined by Groundspeak.


I agree with their decision.


After reading some of the good comments and diferent points of view, I'm less sure this was a good suggestion, although I still thinking there are more positive things than negative in this feature.


But it's time to move on. For me it's a closed issue :)

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DNF's also an important part of the game!


I created a suggestion at the Feedback's forum, asking Groundspeak to make it visible at everybody's Public Profile in the same way everybody has their Founds visible.


If you agree with this suggestion, please support the idea, voting it:




I agree DNF's are a very important part of the game.


Problem is... Not everyone logs DNF's, or have the incentive to do so. I know many times I do log DNF's and other times I do not. When I don't there are varying reasons as to why I DON'T log a DNF.


I mainly don't log DNF's when I don't feel I put in an honest clear effort to find the cache. Either Just spend a couple of minutes searching for a cache that probably should take longer etc...


For this... if you make DNF's look like to much a bad thing on ones profile etc... Then it will be just an incentive to STOP logging DNF's. DNF's aren't a bad thing to log. Especaily if a cache is missing. Many times but not always when a Cache has a large number of DNF's thats a good sign it may have gone missing. But like I said NOT ALWAYS... It could mean that this cache is just significantly harder too.



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