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How to load geocaches on nuvi255


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If you add them to favorites will they show on the screen? And at what level?

Some people have experimented with this, but I haven't. You can try to copy a GPX file (from a PQ) directly into the GPX directory of your Nuvi's \Garmin\GPX folder and it should just work.


The caches should be visible at all distances. Not sure what zoom level you need to be before you can see them.

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As everyone has been suggesting, GSAK and Pilotsnipe's macro for GSAK are the best bet, But not the ONLY route....


for on the cheap, if you only have basic membership, you can go the following route...


Download ALL of the caches you want in .LOC format to a single folder on your computer.

Download Topografix's EasyGPS from here


Using EasyGPS, combine the .LOC files (use the <File><Merge files...> , and choose .LOC files in the lower-right pull-down)

<File><Save as..> to save the combined basic info to a .gpx format file.


download Garmin's POI Loader from here (You're going to need it if you go the GSAK Route, too!)

Using POILoader, and with the 255 connected to your computer, go to the directory of the new combined info .GPX you created, and use it to load the file to your 255.


Once you finish, disconnect the GPS from the computer, and when you get to the Where To / Display Map page, tap Where To.., and scroll down to the Extras Icon, tap on it, you should now find Custom POIs, tap it, and there are your caches.


Mind you, this is the CHEAP way.. the info is bare minimum, just the coordinates and how close.. but it wil work.. This is in no means to avoid looking into GSAK, though, which is a full-featured database program designed for Geocaching. But, rather, the basic steps.


the GSAK macro by Pilotsnipes, will also give additional info to the waypoints, which will not be included in the above method.

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