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Business Cards?

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if you were to leave a piece of handmade jewelry as your signature item, with a card that explained what it was, and the link to your website, I think that would be nice! :)

^ This.

Even if it's just a bead on a ribbon, leave an item that you think someone might enjoy finding. Some people collect interesting business cards, but unless the card is durable and waterproof, it could become mush.

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I don't think it's against the rules, but it's kinda tacky to use the cache to try to advertise.


Now, if you were to leave a piece of handmade jewelry as your signature item, with a card that explained what it was, and the link to your website, I think that would be nice! :)


I agree with that! But paper cards, whether they are "signature items" or just business cards, invariably just get damp and moldy and someone eventually throws them out.


The strangest thing I ever saw in a cache was a whole stack of business cards of an Army recruiter. I guess he figured that someone who liked outdoor activities would love the Army! It seemed complelely out of place.

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We had some "business" style geocaching cards made, when I worked at a print shop, and the cards cost me nothing! They just have a photo and our caching name on them. Sometimes we remember to leave them, if the cache seems dry inside; and I do like seeing other cachers' cards. When I'm doing maintenance on our own caches, I throw out any sort of advertising material left in them, including business cards that are not geocaching cards.


For the original poster: if you made up geocaching cards with a pretty design, related to your jewelery, and with your gecaching name, you could include a link to the webpage for your business; that way anyone who is interested can see a bit more, but you won't be throwing an ad right in their face!

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I had some cards printed up that say "Thanks For The Cache" on them. They have our Store Logo and our Forum Screen name.


Once in awhile, I'll leave one of these in them. Also, we had some small 1/2 dollar size rubber softies made with our website on them.


I've gotten several emails from people saying that they have forwarded the softies in caches they have found in our state onward to caches in their respective regions.


Rarely will I leave one of our business cards, but we have not had complaints so far.


I suppose it's a matter of listening to responses from people that log finds after you to see if there is any negative feedback.

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Most of the business cards that I've seen in caches are personal cards that seem to be for freelance or independent contractors, so no business name listed.

I got a bunch of mini-cards printed from moo.com for placing in caches I find.

Since I've taken tons of pics while out caching, I was able to have a variety of pictures used for the backside of the cards. Front side says "this cache was found by bramasoleiowa"

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