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C'mon.......give a guy a break!! Still hammering out prices, meal selections, space requirements, etc with the management! Promise I will have the event site done by Friday night and submitted for approval. Still gives everyone over a month to make plans.Any locals that want to pitch in and help drop me a line!

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So if I understand this right, the following would be in the spirit of the game evil2.gif :


In May, I have a trip planned to Denver. I figure one or more racing travel bugs may be in the vicinity by then. If I scoop up all I can, and take them home with me to the Seattle area, then the bugs will have to make their way back to (...checks map...) Wyoming or Utah, at best, before they can move forward to Nevada or Arizona.


(Hey, do you consider Colorado and Arizona to be sharing a common border? Same with Utah and New Mexico?)


"I'm sure she would have been thrilled to find so much pooh in a little metal box."

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Here she is.


Hey ict X ckr, that is one cool looking scooter, but it doesn't look like it would fit into most of the caches I have seen! Unless that is a Trade Show Barbie in the background icon_razz.gif


Now what is the point of having a delete option if it is disabled?


Be careful what you wish for!


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Originally posted by welch:

Originally posted by Lyra:

In deciding what my entry should be, I took a gander at the other entrants described in the thread and realized that speed and weaponry are the winning combination. I am hereby announcing the entry of...The F-16 is probably the most effective multi-purpose aircraft in the military. Capable of Mach 2 at altitude and equipped with a multi-barrel .20 caliber cannon...

Congrats on your winning entry! icon_wink.gif Was it worth the 19 MILLIONS icon_eek.gif dollar price tag? icon_razz.gificon_biggrin.gif



Can't WAIT to get the Amex bill this month... icon_rolleyes.gif


Always wear proper caching safety equipment!


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Originally posted by travislicon_frown.gifHey, do you consider Colorado and Arizona to be sharing a common border? Same with Utah and New Mexico?)


They touch at a point, so I'd consider that bordering.


Webfoot icon_razz.gif


My hobby? Tromping through the underbrush looking for Tupperware containers.

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Good thing the start date has been changed to March 8th. I'll be sending my TB out in a couple of weeks.


Also, at the Four Corners National Monument: New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona meet at one point. There should be no problems with moving a bug from Colorado to Arizona or New Mexico to Utah. Although, if you are driving through the area, you would physically travel through at least 3 of those states (the road doesn't go through the monument). There is a cache at the monument BTW, but it is physically located in Colorado.

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"Shianigans" are acceptable. Outright "trashing' or "kidnapping" of someones bug will put you on the receiving end of similar treatment hopefully!


How's this for a "rule"? "Do unto others....but have fun!"


Seriously though, we have covered this before, misdirection, placing a bug in a seldom hit cache, backtracking a bug are all examples of acceptable interference. Outright destruction or removal of a bug, it's tags and/or information is not acceptable.

Everyone is on the honor system here obviously so it is really up to you, just keep it fair.

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Just to let you know, my entrant was put in the mail Monday morning.


Thanks for doing all this. It should be fun.


As far as all the rule inquiries, just let em go and see where they go. If mine makes it to California eventually I will be happy but if it make it FIRST that would be best.

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Anyone can enter!! If your bug doesn't make it here in time to be released at the Byrncliff Event Gathering, I will release it from one of my own caches as soon as it is received. In the grand scheme of things a day or two shouldn't make that big of a difference, but you will of course lose the immediate "jumpstart " of having an active cacher grab your bug at the event. I don't see why a package shouldn't make the trip from the UK to the East Coast here in the four weeks that you have left.

Good Luck!

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Originally posted by philmatt:

Can I add a info tag about the race to the bug


It's probably best if you do add an info tag to your bug. Especially for this race. Make sure to mention that your bug is trying to get to Bangor, Maine. icon_wink.gif


Seriously, though, an info tag is a good idea. I send them with all my bugs.

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Originally posted by bitbrain:
Make sure to mention that your bug is trying to get to Bangor, Maine. icon_wink.gif


Wait a minute. I thought that's where the bugs were heading!!!!! icon_eek.gif


The notice on the tag is a good idea though. It would be a big problem if your bug was grabbed by someone who saw that your bug needed to get to California and took it in one fell swoop all the way west from say Missouri.


I try to put an info tag on my bugs that have specific destinations.


Webfoot icon_razz.gif


And, just in case anyone believes me above, I did put a tag on my bug directing it to California. icon_wink.gif


Tromping through the underbrush looking for Ammo cans & Tupperware containers.

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By all means attach some type of directions to your bug, I have gotten some that have included maps of their perferred routes along with the race instructions. Then again I have one that is nothing but the tag itself! That guy gets the "Wing and a Prayer Award" if his bug finishes!

If you have already sent your bug just mail me any tag you want to add and I will see that it get securely attached.

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this is to respond to a couple questions above;

Yes, your bug will be released after the race if you haven't supplied a prepaid mailer to send it back to you,, any tag that says "heading to California, or Pheromone" etc, will be romoved and you can update your bug's page with a new mission to head it back home.


There is a page coming soon that will list all the racers, rules, and hopefully allow for tracking them all. Not sure what you mean by an "electronic drop off" so either explain here please or send me an e-mail and I'll answer your question.


Start date is Definate: March 8th, 2003

Search for waypoint GCCD3A to see the release point.

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Gimpys Viper is all gassed up & about ready to go.


I plan on being at the Byrncliff get-together, so should I just bring the winning entry along, or send it ahead beforehand? Looking forward to the competition & seeing the Cannonball Run unfold.


Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life.

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Mail it to me, I need to have all the bugs logged and ready to go BEFORE the morning of the event......of course you could always bring it along and I'll just have to delay it a day to release in one of my caches, probably have to use the Letchworth Event Cache that hasn't been hit since the first snowfall.... your choice of course...LOL!

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Here is my “drop-and-go” rule question in more detail: An electronic drop-and-go is where geocacher Bob picks up a Cannonball travel bug from a cache in Kansas. Then geocacher Bob stops at caches in Colorado and Utah. Later, geocacher Bob is logging his caches from the day on the geocaching.com website and says that he dropped off the Cannonball travel bug in a Colorado cache; however in his next web log he picks that Cannonball travel bug back up and then logs him in at the cache in Utah. Although the travel bug, as well as geocacher Bob, physically made to each cache along the way, in actuality the cacher picked up the travel bug in Kansas and carried him through two states to a new cache in Utah. This is what I call an electronic “drop-and-go” and what I would like to know is this going to be allowed?


For and example of an electronic “drop-and-go” see the last 8 logs for this travel bug: http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=9521


Thanks for the clarification...


Scott of Team GeoDillo


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