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Traveling cache

Guest AlienMonnky
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Guest AlienMonnky

Has anyone thought about creating a Traveler which is actually a Cache itself. Basically ... someone hides it, someone finds it ... takes the entire thing ... rehides it and then notifies the Owner of the new coordinates.


Anyone think this might work?


I'd be curious to give it a try. The place where I work in Pittsburgh has a nearby Cache which is found fairly often by passers-thru. I know I'd be able to get the TravelCache moving within a few days. I'd be willing to sacrafice a TupperWare container, logbook and pencil in the experiment.

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Guest casey4791

This DOES work! See below:




I think that cache started in Indiana, ended up on the East Coast, and is now on the border of the US and Mexico. I had it in my hands for about two days (took it to San Diego from Orange County). I think it's a great idea. I was stoked to get to the cache before anyone else so I could choose where to hide it next.

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Guest AlienMonnky

Originally posted by Markwell:

A few of us did have a long discussion before on the differences between Traveling Caches and Hitchhikers. Of course, this was all before Travel Bugs. See my definition post on 06 September 2001 02:01 PM.


Here's Illinois' most stationary Travelling Cache.


Good luck!


So basically ... you just keep changing the coordinates and changing the Date! Cool!

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I've been wanting to start one of those for awhile, but I may not get a chance so I'll go ahead and post the name I was going to use: "Dude, Where's my Cache?!"



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